Chiara Ferragni Fedez at Francesca & Riku’s Wedding: her speech & his “loneliness”.


The Power of Social Media

Social media has the power to bring us close to moments we would never have the chance to experience, and the participation of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez at the wedding of Francesca Ferragni and Riccardo Nicoletti is one of them. Despite the locked guest list and the rumors – later revealed to be unfounded – of an alleged diktat to be respected by the guests so that no photos, videos or gossip about the ceremony could be leaked, we were still able to get a close look at what happened at the Castello di Rivalta, in the Piacenza area, in the afternoon of September 8th thanks to the photos and videos posted by those who were there. We saw Chiara Ferragni and her sister Valentina walking down the open-air aisle of the courtyard hand in hand, wrapped in a blue dress made by Atelier Emé just like the one worn by the bride, and we saw the little ones Leone and Vittoria walking in the middle of the two rows of guests, she scattering white flower petals and he holding the cushion with the wedding rings, before the arrival of Riccardo, his cousin Edoardo and, of course, Aunt Francesca.

The Toast of the Wedding

After the ceremony, which we saw Chiara Ferragni get emotional about thanks to the Stories posted by Fedez, we come to the most succulent moment of the wedding: the refreshments and dinner that made the sisters change their outfits – still signed by Atelier Emé – to enjoy the evening in a more comfortable way. At the time of the toasts, it was Chiara again who took the stage by choosing, as the elder sister, to read a speech written especially for the wedding of Francesca. Always thanks to the spies on the ceremony that opened the guests to us, we were able to listen to part of an emotional speech that went back to the times when Chiara, Valentina and Francesca were children and kept the same innocence and purity of Leone and Vittoria: a moment of high tenderness that the bride and groom welcomed with a hug and a few tears.

The Viral Moment of the Evening

Together with the celebrations and the subsequent cutting of the monumental wedding cake made by the Ramperti pastry shop in Cermenate (Como), which Francesca and Riku had already commissioned in June for the first birthday of little Edoardo, we saw videos that immortalized a somewhat out-of-it Fedez. In particular, a frame that saw the guests – including Chiara Ferragni – photographing the newlyweds while Fedez sat at the table scrolling his phone and smoking the e-cigarette – to be fair he was not the only one, since even Chiara Biasi did not take part in that convivial moment – became viral on TikTok and even if it is not an official photo, the singer wanted to comment with a funny caption: “There is always someone who does not comply”.


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