Economic spying: Elena Tablada reveals she spied on her ex for financial reasons.


Controversy Surrounding Custody of Little Camila

The trial for the custody of little Camila, the girl Elena and Javier had during their marriage, has been embroiled in another controversy. And it is true that, according to the ex-wife of David Bisbal, she resorted to the services of a detective in order to clear her doubts about an economic issue related to Javier Ungría.

Elena Calmly Assumes Investigation

“Elena calmly assumes that she hired a private detective. She wants to emphasize that it was not during the marriage to demonstrate any kind of infidelity. It has to do with economic issues because they have a pending trial and many things have to be proven,” revealed journalist Almudena del Pozo on ‘Así es la vida’, after talking to the young woman. “She is tired, fed up and sad of all this. She is with her family, which fills her with life,” added the collaborator.

Javier Wants to Stay Out of It

Javier already knew about the espionage he was a victim of, and he wants to stay out of it. “Yes, I knew about it. But it’s over. It’s a finished story,” he revealed to the media. With this investigation, Elena wants to prove that Ungría has an important patrimony in order to obtain a higher pension for her daughter.


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