Elisa Esposito leaves TikTok: “Targeted, I suffer crying and rage”.


Elisa Esposito Leaves TikTok

Elisa Esposito, the 20-year-old Milanese influencer who became famous a year ago for her “corsivoe” lessons, has announced that she will leave TikTok. She herself explained this to her followers on the Chinese social media platform that launched her and made her a celebrity, but is now about to abandon.

Reason for Leaving TikTok

What is the reason for this decision? The young woman who launched the summer 2022 catchphrase explains it herself in the last video published on the platform. “In the last month,” Elisa Esposito tells in the video, “I don’t even know how, I have been targeted by TikTok, which keeps deleting my videos and taking away my profile. I have lost my TikTok profile with one and a half million followers 9 times and for me who works there it is serious”. She then reveals that this is why she is “a bit stressed and almost every day I have attacks of crying, nervousness and anger”. She claims that against her a “shadow ban” is used: the platform, in fact, restricts the visibility of her content apparently due to continuous user reports. And she explains that “in the last period my videos have very few views”.

Moving to YouTube

Initially, she says, “I was worried because I thought people didn’t like them anymore. But actually it’s not like that because the same movies I put on TikTok I also put on YouTube and they get millions and millions and millions of views”. So, she accuses, the cause of the collapse is another: “It’s the TikTok algorithm that’s pretty bad right now, excuse my language”. And since “for me this is work and not just a hobby”, and therefore profits also decrease with visibility, “knowing that there are people, or even the app itself, who keep getting in the way of my work bothers me. I have reached the limit of tolerance”. And so the decision to leave TikTok. A choice that, she comments bitterly, will make some people happy “because unfortunately most Italians want this: to see the failure of other people’s lives. But know that it won’t be easy with me, I will continue endlessly”. And she will do so by moving to YouTube: “In a nutshell, I’m moving“. But not immediately: “I decided to take three or four days off from social media in general because I really need to disconnect my head from this world”. Then she will come back, but not on TikTok, where “I will be inactive until the algorithm stabilizes”.


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