Harry Meghan: Next Beckhams?


The Sussexes’ Business Acumen

Glasses, perfumes, bags, luxury clothes and who knows what else. The British tabloids are betting on a future entrepreneurial career for Harry and Meghan, after their departure from the British Royal House forced them to earn their bread. Some even go so far as to compare them to another British golden couple, that of David and Victoria Beckham, who over the years have managed to monetize a usual couple relationship by transforming it into a successful brand. In fact, the two exiles of Buckingham Palace had already shown that they wanted to take a similar path, so much so that the Queen had to forbid them the use of the “Sussex Royal” brand, for which Harry and Meghan had already made a registration request. Request that they had to cancel, suspending also the use of the lucky Instagram account with almost ten million followers that bore the same name.

Sussexes’ Attempts at Branding

Subsequently, the business acumen of the younger brother of Prince William and his not too beloved wife was noticed, with the release of the much talked about Netflix series and Harry’s much talked about biography. But it seems that it is not yet over. The Sussexes’ last move was to try to register the “Archetypes” brand (this is the name of their Spotify podcast, the result of an 18 million pound contract that the music giant decided not to renew for a second season). Request also refused by the US Patent and Trademark Office, since there is a company in Arizona with the same name. Then came the rumors of a possible collaboration between Meghan Markle and Dior, denied by the French fashion house.

The Future of the Sussexes

It is certain, however, that something is cooking in the pot, at least according to the well-informed of the Kingdom. And it seems that the reference model is the Beckhams, who have always been very close to the British Royal Family. So it is possible that there is a future market for the Sussexes, perhaps in fashion, as it was for the former footballer and his Spice Girl who together take care of XIX Entertainment, as well as the high fashion brand signed by Victoria. Maybe they will come to the market with clothes signed by Harry and Meghan, maybe for children – since it is precisely their two children, Archie and Lilibet Diana, who arouse the most empathy from the public. Or, considering the attempts already made, the Sussexes could jump into the world of multimedia content, from publishing to television products. To consider, however, are also the difficulties of popularity that the couple must face, project after project: if it is true that Harry and Meghan have shown that they know how to talk about themselves, this has not gone hand in hand with the public’s approval, unlike what happens to William and Kate who, despite the highs and lows, remain the beloved couple of the United Kingdom.


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