Carmen Sevilla health: Latest update – in palliative care


Carmen Sevilla’s Illness

Carmen Sevilla’s health hangs by a thread, and information about how the artist is evolving is released in drops. Yesterday, at the premiere of ‘Así es la vida’, a sad news was confirmed: Carmen is receiving palliative care.

Agustín Bravo’s Tribute

From the set, her great friend Agustín Bravo recalled the most endearing moments with her with a lot of affection. Agustín Bravo spoke fondly of Carmen Sevilla on ‘Así es la vida’.

Augusto Algueró’s Media Silence

The hermetic way in which Carmen Sevilla’s family (especially her son, Augusto Algueró) has handled all her illness has not changed in this delicate moment. The businessman has opted for media silence, something that does not look like it will change. “I get the impression that Augusto is not going to talk to anyone,” explained Agustín, acknowledging that even he is unable to contact the son of his great friend in these difficult days.


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