Life Struggles: Aurélie Casse, Loyal Friend Standing Strong Together.


Animals: Faithful and Unforgettable Companions

Animals are present in our lives for many years, making them faithful and unforgettable companions. The departure of these is often the source of great sadness. Recently, it was Chipie, the little dog of Jean-Paul Belmondo, who joined him, “after a long life of loyalty to his master, here they are reunited“, wrote his son Paul Belmondo on social media.

Aurélie Casse and Her Animal Companions

For Aurélie Casse, the time is not for farewells, because her companion has decided to cling to life, as she made known this Saturday, June 24th. A recurring face of BFMTV for many years, she who will leave the news channel directed by Marc-Olivier Fogiel at the end of the season, to take over the presentation of the show C l’hebdo on France 5 is a lover of animals. On her social networks, her faithful subscribers know something about it, it is not rare for Aurélie Casse to share photos of her dog, Jango, or her beautiful black cat Jojo. But this Saturday, she shared a poignant news about her dog, revealing that the one who has been sharing her life for more than eight years is going through a difficult time. “My dog, my Jango, who is clinging to life,” wrote the journalist in the caption of a beautiful photo. We see Aurélie Casse with her faithful friend, head to head, for a moment that belongs only to them. A beautiful photo that aroused strong emotion among her followers.

Animals and Their Unconditional Love

“Our animals, we love them so much. They give us everything and so much”, “Humans abandon you in the wind, a dog follows you in the storm“, “May his life be as long as possible but don’t let him suffer, losing an animal is like separating from a dear person … good luck”, can be read among others in the comments section on social media. Jango has been with her for more than eight years and has lived many memories with her. He is about to support her at a major moment in her career since Aurélie Casse will experience a major upheaval in the fall. Taking over Ali Baddou’s place at the presentation of C l’hebdo, Saturday on France 5, she who is a regular of news channels since she trained at LCI, before joining the ranks of iTélé in 2015, and then being recruited by BFMTV.


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