Elisabetta Canalis, Georgian Cimpeanu: Boxing Gloves and Camaraderie


Summer Fun with Elisabetta Canalis and Georgian Cimpeanu

At the poolside, the boxing glove workout becomes a game and complicity for Elisabetta Canalis and Georgian Cimpeanu, until she, after delivering the last punch, pushes him into the water. “I couldn’t resist,” commented the former showgirl, sharing on Instagram the moment of the unexpected plunge, while he doesn’t seem to have taken it at all, only raising his fists, perhaps in a sign of surrender or just to save the gloves from chlorine.

Romantic Getaway with Skyler Eva

These are the first images from the couple’s vacation, who are in Sardinia these days together with Skyler Eva, 7 years old, the girl Canalis had from her former husband Brian Perri, married in Sardegna in 2014. Between her and Cimpeanu, nicknamed Iceman, three-time world kickboxing champion, love has been proclaimed for months, even though Canalis has never gone into the details of the story, nor has she ever posted photos that had nothing to do with her partner’s sports discipline; shots and videos of workouts together, because the passion has been shared for a long time, so much so that the former showgirl has even made her debut in the ring.

The Breakup with Brian Perri

It is difficult to say whether Cimpeanu, born in 1983, of Romanian origins but raised in Rome, was or was not one of the causes of the break-up with Perri. “Inconciliable differences” reads the papers filed in front of the judge in Los Angeles and intercepted by the magazine People last March, a generic formula that says everything and nothing. Today Elisabetta Canalis divides her time between Los Angeles, where Perri lives and to which she is bound due to the daughter, and Italy. She returns to her homeland as soon as possible, between Milan and her beloved Sardinia, perfect for holidays with Georgian, as her respective social Stories also tell, which often show them on a boat together with some friends. Summer has kicked off, free to relax and have fun.


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