“Emmanuel-Philibert Savoie, Clotilde Courau: together despite distance, rare insight into their atypical balance”.


The Courau-De Savoie Family

Since they met more than 20 years ago, Clotilde Courau and her husband Emmanuel-Philibert de Savoie have been living life at 100 miles an hour! But there is no problem for the couple, who know each other inside out: taken to the four corners of the world by their commitments and responsibilities, they have found a balance that suits them by getting away from each other to be able to come back together. A system that some find hard to understand but that works for them. And it pleases the fifty-year-old, delighted to see that their “intelligence” allows them to get through the years without a hitch.

20 Years of Marriage

“We will be celebrating our twenty years of marriage on 25th September. Twenty years already!” he confided. “Our story does indeed last. Maybe it’s thanks to the intelligence of two people who live in modern times, who respect each other enormously and who are there for each other. Always…”. Always there for each other, they also seem to have a lot of mutual respect. And enjoy the time spent together, even if it is sometimes short according to their very busy schedules.

Their Two Daughters

Especially since if the actress is usually in France and her husband travels between Italy, Monaco and Los Angeles, their two daughters… are in England! Vittoria, the eldest, is indeed studying “art history and political science”. At 19, the young woman (who looks so much like her mother!) has also started working for different brands. More discreet, her younger sister Luisa (who will be 17 in August) is in a boarding school to finish her secondary education. Fortunately, they know how to find time to be together. “We try to see each other as often as possible. We meet up when they are on vacation. And above all, we talk on the phone every day, we talk a lot,” explains the prince, clearly convinced of the importance of communication in his family.


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