Estelle Denis vs Daniel Riolo: Vifs échanges sur sujet sensible


Tragedy at University Hospital Center of Reims

It is a real tragedy. On Monday, May 22nd, a nurse and a medical secretary were violently assaulted in the University Hospital Center of Reims where they worked, and a few hours later, the death of the nurse was reported by Health Minister François Braun. A 59-year-old man with a psychiatric history has been identified as the alleged perpetrator.

Security Questions in Healthcare Establishments

This tragedy raises many security questions in healthcare establishments today and the idea of setting up gates at entrances has been put forward. Estelle Denis addressed the subject in her daily show Estelle Midi on RMC Story this Tuesday morning and the presenter was faced with the very clear opinion of her columnist. Indeed, the latter saw no point in placing gates, which would also represent an additional cost for the French.

Firm Imprisonment as the Solution?

But for the companion of Géraldine Maillet, the only solution to make everyone safe would be firm imprisonment. “Let’s put them in prisons and keep them from coming out,” he said. A position that annoyed Estelle Denis: “But prison is not the solution for this man, it’s a psychiatric hospital!” “I don’t care, I don’t care!”, Daniel Riolo hammered. No matter, as long as he is locked up.


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