Estelle Lefébure’s son Giuliano, a stylish teen with long hair.


Estelle Lefébure: A Proud Mother

Estelle Lefébure is the mother of three children: Ilona, born in 1995, and Emma Smet, born in 1997, both fruits of her marriage to David Hallyday. She also gave birth to Giuliano, who will celebrate his 13th birthday in November. His father is none other than businessman Pascal Ramette, with whom the model lived for almost six years. It was in 2014 when their son was four years old that the couple finally separated.

Giuliano on His Way to School

On the occasion of the start of the school year, Estelle, who has never shown the face of Giuliano, managed to stick to the rule she set for herself. Like many parents, she decided to post a photo in her story of her son on his way to school, but only from behind. We can see the 12 and a half year old boy dressed in navy blue, or even black, with what looks like a suit jacket and a white shirt underneath. He wears a pair of very trendy Nike Dunks and blue and white checkered socks that bring an original touch to his otherwise sober outfit. As for the backpack, no Caméléon brand schoolbag, like Léna, the daughter of Gérard Darmon, but a navy blue bag with brown leather trim. On this photo, Estelle Lefébure wrote: “Here we are. Good start to all.” She decided to accompany this picture with a Chuck Berry song called… “School Day”. A choice in line with her son’s return to school.

Giuliano’s Kindness and Polite Manner

Very proud to be Giuliano’s mother, the ex-wife of David Hallyday and Arthur addressed him a beautiful declaration on his last birthday. She wrote: “What pride to be your mother. What a chance to have you in my life. You are a handsome boy who grows up so fast with a heart so big. Happy birthday my boy. I love you.” Estelle never stops praising her youngest. In 2021, in an interview for Paris Match, she confided about him: “He is a great sensitive. Very attentive to others: for him, it is important that everyone is well in their head, well installed, well fed (…) He takes care of well-being, always asks if we are ‘okay’. He is used to helping me, setting the table. He loves, we love to have a beautiful table together, both of us.” She did not stop there since she specified that her son has very good manners. “In addition, he is a polite young man. Nowadays, it becomes rare. He holds the door… He offers a flower, brings lily of the valley to the caretaker. I may be a traditionalist, but for me, gallantry is learned at this young age. I am sometimes suffocated by the rudeness of some gentlemen,” assured the model. Giuliano behaves this way with his nephew Harrison, the son of his half-sister Ilona Smet de Kamran Ahmed born in July 2022. In an April issue of Gala magazine, Estelle explained that her son is “delighted” with his role as an uncle and “that he gives hugs to his nephew“.


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