Fab Four of the Crown: William, Kate, Edward, and Sophie


On February 28, 2018, William and Harry, alongside their respective partners Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, inaugurated the first forum of the Royal Foundation, thus earning them the nickname of the Fab Four. A term usually used to refer to a musical band or a small group of sports champions. However, with the Sussexes’ move to America and their “resignation” as senior members of the company in January 2020, the label was seemingly forgotten. But now, the Daily Mail has revived the mythical name to indicate a new core quartet of the British monarchy: the heir to the throne and the future queen consort, and two additional members of the family, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie. It is said that the two couples are united by decades of hard work and faithful service to the crown.

During the weekend of Charles’ coronation, the bond between William, Kate, Edward and Sohpie was evident. They formed the first perfectly framed line at Westminster Abbey during the ceremony, and later led a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace that paid tribute to volunteers from all over the country. The Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Edinburgh even matched their outfits. Despite the 17-year age difference, their friendship should not come as a surprise because they have so much in common, both in terms of background and perspectives. They come from loving and united middle class families, they had a happy and carefree childhood in two small towns in Kent and Berkshire. And it was Sophie, with her ultra-decade experience at court, who took Kate under her wing after the royal wedding with William.

The Fab Four, with their pragmatism and tireless work, are considered key figures at the Palace. And their task appears to be precisely that: to ferry the British crown into the future.


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