Manu Rios at Cannes Festival 2023: Fans Go Wild!


It will be for his full lips and tousled curls, or it will be for that “handsome and impossible” aura that so appeals to us romantics, but it is a fact that Manu Rios is a name that brings everyone together, fashion brands eagerly awaiting the chance to dress him and directors who can’t wait to work with him, captivated by his sensuality and innocence that has won over the public for some time now. Manu Rios, a professional actor, model and influencer, born in Calzada de Calatrava on December 17, 1998, is all this and much more. The general public knows him thanks to Élite, the Spanish Netflix TV series in which he plays the role of the homosexual Patrick Blanco Commerford, making Manu Rios an extension of his own character, displaying that look and seduction that made Ivàn fall into his web. However, it would be an injustice to exhaust the talent of Manuel Rios Fernandez, whose real name is Manu Rios, only to this. During his career, Rios has, in fact, done it all, especially in Spain, his native land that has seen fit to bet on him to take advantage of the hot moment and obtain the approval of fans and viewers. Chiringuito de Pepe, the short film La Tarotista, El Silencio: all very different titles that have in common the versatile talent of Manu, who ended up in the spotlight with that invitation to the Met Gala in 2022, effectively crowning him as one of the most fashionable Spanish stars on the planet – although the Jeremy Scott dress he wore in front of the cameras certainly had its merits, to the point of renewing the invitation to the Met the following year -. What many are unaware of is his life devoted to the show since he was a child: he was nine years old, in fact, Manu Rios when he participated in his first TV show, Cantando en Familia, which allowed him to travel around and take part in theatrical productions of a certain caliber such as Los Miserables and other TV programs such as Tu sì que vales. All the more so, considering also the versatility of a talent capable of shifting from music to acting, it would be unfair to refer to him only for his beauty, despite being the first thing that catches the eye. We noticed it, for example, at the Cannes Festival 2023, when, during the premiere of Strange Way of Life, the new gay-themed short film by Pedro Almodóvar with Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal, he presented himself on the Croisette with an open white shirt on his chest and a necklace capable of highlighting his blue eyes. The erotic charge emanating from this man is formidable, and it will be for this reason that much of the press is obsessed with his love life, trying to understand first of all if he prefers men or women, since Manu Rios has never ventured on this topic. The fact remains that, over the years, any kind of romance has been attributed to him: from Valentina Ferragni to the influencer and model Marc Forne to Mahmood. He, however, has never paid attention to the rumors, choosing to continue his path with the tender audacity that comes with being twenty, sure that his path is only just beginning and will take him far. To find out more about Manu Rios and get the other cover of Vanity Fair, subscribe to Vanity Weekend.


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