Family portrait: Antoine Duléry, wife and son reunited and happy.


French Film and Gastronomy Festival

Alert to festival-goers and movie lovers, the French Film and Gastronomy Festival is coming to Aix-les-Bains from June 6 to 10. And the Aixoise ceremony has nothing to envy the Cannes event. For this second edition orchestrated by Valérie Thuillier and Franck Presti and sponsored by Laurent Gerra, many celebrities have made the trip to honor French cinema, which has nothing to envy foreign productions.

A Parade of Personalities

Last year, Arnaud and Pierre de Gardebosc were in charge of the programming before rewarding Peter Von Kant’s gem La nuit du 12, which made it to the Cannes Palace steps. On the program this year? A parade of personalities carefully distributed by the Festival CM on social networks to whet the curiosity of young and old cinephiles. Didier Bourdon, Alex Lutz, Tom Leeb, Daniel Prevost, Jean Becker … A beautiful bunch of big-screen mastodons, in the running for the Aixcellence prize awarded by the sponsor of this edition. An event that Florent Peyre, Julie Ferrier, or Antoine Duléry accompanied by his wife Pascale Pouzadoux and his son, the director Raphaël Duléry, would not have missed under any pretext. Expected at the photocall, the little family had their picture taken. And the least we can say is that the scented air of the south suits this trio, particularly radiant and all smiles. All that was missing was the youngest of the couple, Lucien, to complete this family portrait. A rare appearance that should delight fans of the actor who has been in love with the actress for 30 years!

Antoine Duléry and Pascale Pouzadoux

They are in love like the first day … We are talking about this flagship couple of French cinema formed by Antoine Duléry and his dear and tender Pascale Pouzadoux. Definitely on the same wavelength, they accumulate the years of marriage as the years of cinema career. An endurance test that they intend to cultivate. What is their secret to maintain the little flame of the beginning? Since their meeting on a shooting set in 1994, the two actors have been inseparable and never miss an opportunity to give each other the reply. A osmosis that extends far beyond the studios according to the revelations of the director who does not stop praising her partner: “He is someone flexible, malleable, who has no ego, with a golden character and always in a good mood. It’s almost easier to work with him than to live with him,” she told Gala magazine in 2022. Still as fond of his wife and mother of his two children, Raphaël born in 1997, followed by Lucien in 2003, the ex-Isabelle Mergault intends to make her laugh for eternity.


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