Family Selfhood: Be Yourself Wherever You Are


The Fight for Civil Rights

It’s nice to imagine the future and it had never happened to me before”. Beatrice Quinta, 23 years old from Palermo, after coming second in an explosive edition of X Factor, hasn’t stopped since. Her return to live clubs, a new single (Attrazione fatale) and the announcement that makes her the proudest: she will be the godmother of the Palermo Pride on June 24th. “I’m thrilled, I’ve wanted it for a long time,” she says. “It’s an important event that puts civil rights, those of the LGBTQIA+ community, at the center. I’ve always supported them, I’ve lived the fight through my friends. I’ve always given a lot of weight to the freedom to be what you want, to love who you want. And today it’s still very important to keep the attention high. In Palermo as in Milan. Even in the city that looks the most to Europe, there is often still a way to be homophobic, sexist, racist, which is latent, hidden under the carpet. We must take it out and eradicate it”.

The Strength to Fight

What is the strongest prejudice you feel towards yourself? “There are many, many of them. They mainly oscillate between “she has no talent” and “she’s a whore”. In fact, I often get both together, that is “she’s a whore without talent”. How do you respond? “I don’t respond, I never felt the need. I gradually realized that you can’t even think of changing everyone’s mind. I know who I am”. How much do you like to provoke from 1 to 10? “Eleven. And I do it not only on stage, but also in normal life. I have always felt the need to shock. For me the truth does not exist, it depends on the perspective in which you look at it. The truth is never absolute.

The Beauty of Security

How is it going after X Factor? “Good. It seems to me that I am reaping the fruits of the past apprenticeship. Attrazione fatale is doing well. It’s a song with which I want to say that I have had some satisfaction, but that I still want to sink my teeth into. X Factor taught me that no one can ever take away my strength to fight“. In Attrazione fatale you sing “Today I feel beautiful” “It’s an anthem to my regained security. I have gradually become aware of how many steps forward I have taken. I have a lot to give but I have nothing to prove”. What is your fatal attraction? “My fatal attraction is for beauty and cosmic love. I have to fall in love all the time, by profession. If not with people, with things. I’m the kind of person who falls in love every day, and my attractions are so fatal that the next day they are no longer there (laughs, ed.). Every light love that is respected ends the night when you feel something more. Lately, however, I have not had any. I’m fine alone, I try to find order


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