Laëtitia Provenchère breakup: Surprise split with Tony, sad announcement.


Laëtitia Provenchère’s New Relationship

It was quite a step for Laëtitia Provenchère. The mother of four children had managed to open her heart to another man than her husband Guillaume, who tragically passed away in August 2020 following a workplace accident. He was a volunteer firefighter. Indeed, despite her love for Guillaume, the pretty brunette gave Tony a chance, with whom she had first exchanged messages for a long time before being seen with him in January 2023. Unfortunately, this idyll was short-lived and on Monday evening, May 29, Laëtitia announced their break-up through an Instagram post.

Laëtitia Provenchère’s Optimism

In spite of this unfortunate outcome, Laëtitia Provenchère assures that she remains optimistic about her future love life. “I still believe in love, and life is meant to be shared, loved and to love,” she concluded. While waiting to find a man to accompany her in her daily life, Laëtitia Provenchère will continue to raise her four children Nolann (4 years old), Emmy, Lyna and Noëlya (2 years old) alone.

Laëtitia Provenchère’s Announcement

When she officially announced her relationship with Tony, one could have thought that their story was well on its way to lasting. “To love… This feeling so strong and so inexplicable. A few months ago, I never would have thought I was capable of it. I know you have a lot of questions, because here I have never talked to you about the existence of Tony, I explain it to you now. (…) I know that for most of you, you say that I have the right to be happy, and indeed I do! But it’s so hard to move on in life, to be able to accept that I have the right to love again…”, she revealed to her community in the caption of a photo with her bearded companion. She added: “A mother’s heart does not divide, it multiplies, and it’s the same here. My love for Guillaume does not change and will never change, I just made room for another man who accepts to love me every day. I assure you that his position is far from simple, and yet he managed to be accepted by everyone”.


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