Gigi Hadid Arrested at Airport for Marijuana Possession


Gigi Hadid Arrested on Cayman Islands

Gigi Hadid’s summer holidays started in a spectacular way: as soon as she landed on the Cayman Islands on July 10th with a private jet, she was arrested at the Owen Roberts International Airport, together with her friend Leah Nicole McCarthy. When their luggage was scanned, the customs officers found something suspicious: after a more thorough search, the agents discovered that Gigi Hadid and her friend had a small amount of marijuana with them.

Gigi Hadid Pleads Guilty

According to the first reconstructions, the model would have declared that the substance was intended for personal use, but the two women were still arrested for “suspected importation of ganja and utensils used for its consumption” and taken to a detention center, where they were released on bail, as reported by the local Cayman Marl Road. Two days later, on July 12th, the model and her friend, during a court hearing, pleaded guilty and were both fined a thousand dollars.

Gigi Hadid Enjoys Vacation Despite Incident

The representative of Gigi Hadid told E! Online that the model “was traveling with marijuana legally purchased in New York with a medical license”, that the substance is “legally for medical use in Grand Cayman since 2017” and that after the incident the influencer “enjoyed the rest of her time on the island”. As, on the other hand, can be seen from the images that Gigi Hadid has published on her Instagram account.


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