Tiziano Ferro: Surgery needed for vocal cord nodule.


Tiziano Ferro’s Hugely Successful TMZ Tour 2023

Tiziano Ferro has completed his TMZ Tour 2023, which has been a huge success, after starting in Lignano Sabbiadoro on June 7th and travelling to Torino, three appointments in Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples, and throughout Italy, with fifteen shows in total, the last two days ago in Pula, in the province of Cagliari.

Tiziano Ferro’s Health Struggle

Immediately after closing the curtain, the singer from Latina revealed that it had not been an easy journey due to a health problem. “Now I can tell you the truth,” he wrote on his social media, alongside a video that retraces the various concerts. “Just before starting the tour I was diagnosed with a nodule on one of my vocal cords. Which – to put it in football terms – is like having to play a season with a damaged tendon. I will have to undergo an operation, there will be a lot to recover. But it doesn’t matter,” he added, addressing the fans directly. “The only thing I need to say – and I want you to know – is that I would have died on that stage rather than give up and not give my best in every single city. And I admit, I often had the fear that my voice would suddenly collapse during a concert. The doctors said it could happen, they invited me to stay still and operate immediately,” he concluded.

Tiziano Ferro’s Message to Fans

“But they didn’t know one thing that I had very clear. That is, that every night, on that stage, I would receive the most powerful cure in the world. Because you were there. So thank you. I love you.” Lots of affectionate comments from fans and colleagues: from Samuele Bersani and Francesca Michielin, from Levante to Mietta, up to the dear friend Laura Pausini. Who wrote: “Few can understand what it means to make this choice. Emotionally as well as physically. You are great and I thank you.”


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