Giorgia Soleri: Cats stay with me, Damiano can visit them anytime.


The Break-Up Between Giorgia Soleri and Damiano David

The break-up between Giorgia Soleri and Damiano David of Måneskin was naturally very talked about. And among the topics that most inflamed the fans of the former couple – in addition to the new relationship of him with the model Martina Taglienti – there was a “problem” with four legs: “Who will the two cats Legolas and Bidet that the singer and the influencer shared during their love go to?”.

Cats Staying with Giorgia Soleri

This was the question that assailed many. And which now has finally found an answer, via Instagram, from the same Soleri: “The cats are both of us but they stay with me. And Damiano can come to visit them whenever he wants (whether I’m there or not)”. Giorgia Soleri’s social reply to followers asking about the cats. Soleri decided to make things clear because, as she explained via social media, the question about the fate of the two cats was “probably the most popular”. Giorgia also clarified that the felines stayed with her “for a matter of convenience and lifestyle management”. Being often on tour with Måneskin, Damiano would naturally have difficulty managing the two four-legged ones.

Giorgia and Damiano Turning the Page

So for now, they remain with the owner in Rome, in the apartment that until recently she shared with Damiano. But in the coming months, always following Giorgia, they could change house. The Soleri, in fact, is considering whether to continue living in the capital or to change city: “Honestly I don’t know,” she told her followers. “I’m very torn, but I decided to postpone this reasoning until September”. Apart from the possible move, both Damiano and Giorgia have already turned the page. He would have a relationship with the twenty-two year old model Martina Taglienti, friend of the bass player Victoria De Angelis and protagonist of the kiss, immortalized by a video, which forced Damiano to admit the break-up with Soleri. Giorgia, on the other hand, has just opened a profile on the dating app Bumble, choosing the “nothing serious” option. The influencer and the singer, after six years of love, have taken different paths. But unlike other celebrities, as the “agreement” on the cats seems to show, they have managed to maintain civil relations.


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