Gloria Camila, José Fernando, Chayo Mohedano have great time with their partners.


Having Fun Together

Vacations are days to be with family, and if it’s spent this great, even better! Thanks to social networks we have been able to see how the relationship between Gloria Camila and José Fernando with their cousin Chayo Mohedano is closer than ever! Thus, we have been able to see the children of Rocío Jurado and Ortega Cano enjoy a fun beach and beach bar plan with a concert included! The Mohedano cousins, along with Gloria and her brother’s couples, gave it all singing and dancing, just like Chayo who enjoyed it a lot! Gloria Camila, Chayo and José Fernando, having fun together.

Gloria Camila’s Trip to China

Although they no longer post on social networks as much as before, this summer has been quite busy for both. A few weeks ago, Gloria Camila and her boyfriend, ‘Wolo’, took a trip to China that we could see many of their plans and the luxurious hotel where they stayed. A trip that, without a doubt, has served the young woman to forget her problems of anxiety and mental health that have marked her so much this year.

José Fernando and Michu’s Relationship

José Fernando, on the other hand, seems to have returned to redirect the relationship with his girlfriend, Michu, and mother of his daughter. The Onubense announced, very affected, that she had broken up with the son of Rocío Jurado last April. The reason? He had found out from the press that he had not been invited to the communion of José María, the son of Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón.


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