“Perfect Skin from Kitchen Ingredient – Get It Now!”


Beauty Advice: A Selection

There is a lot of beauty advice, so obviously, a selection is needed. Recently, a TikTok trend has exposed young audiences to a very big danger with an acne technique. But some tips against the small everyday ailments are worth taking. One of them also concerns the skin and how to take care of it best. And few are those who are not looking for healthy, luminous and perfectly healthy skin.

Grandmother’s Recipes

Who isn’t looking for another exfoliator or a thousandth night cream? The bathroom cupboards seem to be full of many products that have only one purpose: to display a luminous and smooth skin that resists the marks of time. To do this, and also to sometimes fight against some skin problems such as acne, it is essential to adopt a skincare routine for each type of skin. In addition to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical products available, some grandmother’s recipes are still a hit. Thus, the benefits of clarified butter for hydrated and soft lips are recognized, while others have become adepts of black tea to fight against foot sweating. Honey can protect your beautiful hair, while rosemary should stimulate its growth.

Rice Water Benefits

But this dermatologist, on the other hand, highlights the benefits of another ingredient, on which you should quickly put your hand in your kitchen. This is rice water. With the hashtag #ricewater on TikTok, you will find countless videos that promote the benefits of rice water. According to Dr. Luke Maxfield, an American dermatologist, this ingredient is “gentle, economical and easy to obtain”. But then what are the effects on the skin? According to this doctor, “it would be antioxidant, reduce inflammation and irritation, help the skin’s protective barrier, reduce blackheads and protect against damage caused by UV,”. This could also help the many people who sometimes suffer from acne outbreaks. The stars are not immune either, and Cameron Diaz, Kendall Jenner or Miley Cyrus know something about it. And how to use it? You have to rinse the rice (90g) twice, pouring out the water each time. Then on the 3rd rinse, keep the water. Put it in the fridge in a spray bottle, for example, before spraying it on your face like a toner or serum. To your bowl of rice!


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