Iker Casillas job offer: what he’s looking for & how much he pays


Job Offer by Iker Casillas

The ‘Kings League’ is growing like foam, so much so that Mediaset has already given television space to Gerard Piqué’s football league, a very juicy deal for Shakira’s ex. The growth is such that every detail is being taken care of, and job offers are made through very careful videos like the one that has just been published… Casillas is president of one of the football clubs of the Kings League, the ‘1K FC’.

Requirements for the Position

The employment platform has prepared a worked video in which the requirements of the person Iker Casillas is looking for are detailed. “We are looking for a person who loves the Kings League InfoJobs and the generation of content for the different platforms where our team is present. We are looking for a person with motivation, eager to grow and be in a differential project,” says the message. Among the functions described are the creation of content for social networks, taking care of the live broadcast for Iker Casillas’ Twitch channel, video editing, among others. In addition, the person must have the Bachillerato, 1 year of experience in a similar position and know the millennial language.

Salary and Employment Type

What about the salary? 18,000 euros gross per year for a full-time job, about 1,500 euros per month. In addition, indefinite employment is offered. Do you meet the requirements to work for Iker Casillas?


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