Jaime Peñafiel, 91, Reveals Sexuality: “Love Every Day”


The secrets of Jaime Peñafiel’s longevity

Jaime Peñafiel has been as sincere as never before about his day-to-day life on the program ‘Todo es mentira’, in a call with Marta Flinch. The journalist has revealed that, to be in such good shape at his age, “my secret is that I eat once every 24 hours, I walk 10 kilometers every day, I work a lot and I make love every day,” he said, surprising the studio companions.

The daily routine of Jaime Peñafiel

Jaime Peñafiel has been sincere with Marta Flinch. Peñafiel has explained that “I live in Ciudad Universitaria, after eating we go to the door of Alcalá, there I take two or three coffees, then I go through all of Gran Vía, Princesa Street and I walk 10 kilometers exactly”. And he has not forgotten to clarify that “the one about making love is afterwards, at night“.

A wish for the future

Before ending, the presenter wanted to know if there was any news that he would have liked to give but could not, to which the veteran journalist answered, without hesitation, “the return of King Juan Carlos“.


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