Johnny Depp at Cannes: Applause, Tears & Controversy


Tears, standing ovations and a lot of controversy. Johnny Depp was the star of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival thanks to his performance in the movie Jeanne du Barry, which opened the festival. When the cast entered the hall, they were welcomed by a whopping seven minutes of applause. The actor was moved by this gesture, as the cameras captured his teary eyes. The past few years have been difficult for him, due to the accusations of domestic violence and abuse brought forward by his ex-partner Amber Heard. Depp responded to these allegations by filing a defamation lawsuit against her in 2019. The court ruled in his favor last year, causing a frenzy among his fans. When he arrived at the Croisette, they showed him their warmth. Some shouted his name, others held up signs, and some even tried to take pictures. Johnny thanked them but refused to speak about a return to the scene, saying: “It seems to me only a cliché, I actually did not go anywhere”. He was also asked about his relationship with Hollywood and if he felt boycotted in the US. Johnny Depp replied: “No, I don’t feel boycotted because I don’t think about Hollywood. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel the need for Hollywood. Horrible and fanciful stories have been written about me. It is a very strange and fun era in which everyone would like to be themselves but cannot because they have to align with those in front of them. If you want to live that kind of life, I wish you the best. I will be on the other side.” Johnny Depp’s journey from a fallen star to a Cannes star has been a story of revenge.


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