Julio Iglesias Indignation: His Health Status Outrageous Statements


Julio Iglesias: 80th Anniversary & Health Concerns

Only four months away from celebrating his 80th anniversary and after being absent from public and artistic life for more than three years, the health of the most international of Spanish singers, Julio Iglesias, has become a topic of debate again. Alarms were raised a few days ago, after an Argentine program assured that the former partner of Isabel Preysler, whom he recently defended, suffers from serious mobility problems that force him to move in a wheelchair, as well as important memory lapses, which would have made him forget even the lyrics of his songs.

Matías Vázquez’s Statement

“They have explained to me that his condition is terrible,” said presenter Matías Vázquez on the program, adding that “the people who had a relationship with Julio Iglesias, today, do not reach him and that is what worries, that Julio does not pick up the phone or does not answer the calls.”

Julio Iglesias’s Response

This is not the first time that, in recent times, information has emerged about a supposed physical decline of Julio Iglesias and, if that is the case, the singer has not kept quiet. If you want to know the response of Isabel Preysler’s ex-husband, don’t miss this week’s magazine.


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