Kate Middleton gets 3 new royal titles, William gets Harry’s favorite.


New Titles Awarded to British Royal Family

There has been a small reshuffle of titles within the British Royal Family, involving all senior royals including Kate Middleton. These are mainly military titles, which have returned to the monarchy after Prince Harry’s departure from London and the Epstein scandal, which deprived Prince Andrew of York of many of his titles, including those earned in the field. Kate and William have been awarded new titles by Charles III ©Getty Images. One of the honorary titles previously held by the King’s younger brother has gone to Kate Middleton, that of Commodore in Chief of the Fleet Air Arm (the Commodore is a Chief Officer, the Fleet is the Air Section of the Royal Navy, ed.), Colonel in Chief of the Queen’s Dragoon Guards (a reconnaissance regiment also known as The Welsh Cavalry) and Royal Honorary Air Commodore of Royal Air Force Coningsby. This last title was held by William before Kate.

Kate’s Special Gift

A “gift” that could be particularly dear to the princess, because her paternal grandfather, Peter Middleton, was a RAF pilot and for a few months he even worked alongside Prince Philip. It was 1962 and the two flew together during the tour that year that took Elizabeth II’s husband to South America. Prince Philip returning from South America in 1962. In the background, the pilots who flew with him. “It is an honour,” Kate and William commented from their official social media profiles, sharing a short video of the military bodies to which their new responsibilities refer.

Prince Harry’s Downgrading

Important news also for the Prince of Wales, to whom Charles III has assigned, among others, the title that his son Harry held most dear: Colonel in Chief of the Army Air Corps, the aviation corps where the Duke of Sussex served as an Apache helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. A reallocation more than foreseeable after the Mexgit, but arrived after three years, perhaps in the hope that Harry would change his mind. Which did not happen and will not happen, as evidenced by the “downgrading” on the Buckingham Palace official website: the prince is no longer Royal Highness even there. Queen Elizabeth first and Charles then, in short, gave him time to consider a change of pace, now expired, and those titles could not remain vacant forever. Everyone is going forward on the path they have chosen, without nostalgia (at least apparent).


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