Riccardo Pozzoli family expecting second child


Caunesil and Pozzoli Announce Baby Number Two

Riccardo Pozzoli and Gabrielle Caunesil couldn’t be happier. The Milanese entrepreneur and the French model have just announced with an Instagram video that they are expecting their second child. Both dressed in white and accompanied by their firstborn Roméo, born in November 2021, Caunesil and Pozzoli kiss and embrace to the romantic song To Build A Home. In the comments Gabrielle confesses to her followers: “It was very difficult to keep this secret“.

The Couple Met in 2017

The couple met in 2017, falling in love immediately. Pozzoli made the relationship official by publishing a photo of his girlfriend on Instagram in May of that year. Since then, the two have not left each other. And if until recently Gabrielle Caunesil feared she would not be able to get pregnant due to the endometriosis she suffers from (and which she has spoken openly about), fortunately fate has given her and Pozzoli wonderful surprises.

The Reveal of the Baby Bump

“We have something to tell you,” whispers the 32-year-old top model as she approaches the camera and smiles with emotion. And then comes the rounded belly, revealed to the camera, courtesy of a micro top that leaves her uncovered. In a subsequent story, the model then let it be known that she had difficulties during the first trimester and wanted to wait until things returned to normal before giving the happy news.


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