Kate Middleton manages William’s whims like a fourth child.


The Perfect Marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton, married for eleven years, are among the most envied crowned couples in the world. In public we always see them impeccable, always complicit and smiling, apparently perfect. But in everyday life, behind the palace walls, their marriage would not be different from that of ordinary mortals. Between moments of tension and discussions caused mainly, it seems, by the more capricious side of William’s character. That Kate would be able to face “treating her husband” with the same patience and determination with which she “treats the three children George, Charlotte and Louis”. At least this was revealed by a former employee of Kensington Palace to Tom Quinn, author of the book Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family.

William’s Character and Queen Camilla’s Patience

According to the source, William would be “prone to outbursts of anger”. And Kate, to calm him down, would treat him “like a fourth child”. The Princes of Wales, continues the insider, like all ordinary mortals sometimes have “incredible fights”. But “unlike some couples who throw heavy vases during arguments, they throw cushions”. As noblesse oblige, in short, the anger is always “kept under control”. And the possibility that the two show tension in public is really remote. Because, as Quinn points out, William and Kate exemplify perfectly the mantra of the late Queen Elizabeth: “Never complain, never explain”. Despite appearances, however, their “is not a perfect marriage”. Especially because of the capricious and angry character that William probably inherited from his father, King Charles III. In turn kept in check by Queen Camilla. Very famous, just to give an example, the skit staged in September 2022. When The King, after the death of mother Elizabeth, signed some documents related to his formal appointment as king in Northern Ireland, he found himself dealing with a pen that was behaving badly: it started to lose ink and stained his royal hand. Charles got angry: “Oh my God, I hate this!” He mumbled. And he went to the other side of the room. His wife without losing her calm first gently reprimanded him (“Stop, the ink is going everywhere!”) And then she signed the other documents alone. Showing her husband the same patience she usually grants a child. Same strategy adopted with William, to believe the new revelations, from the Princess of Wales.

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