Laura Escanes bids farewell to social media to focus on her daughter.


Laura Escanes Enjoying Summer Wonders

As many Spaniards, Laura Escanes is enjoying the wonders of summer. The ex-girlfriend of Risto has made a few trips to the beach, but always sticking to her mobile, since her profession does not allow her to disconnect from the networks throughout the year. August has become the month that many influencers choose to take a break from their activity. Last year, Laura already took a break from networks, and this year she has decided to do the same for a good reason: her daughter Roma, who is the joy of her parents.

Taking a Break from Social Networks

Laura Escanes explains why she will be away from the networks in stories. “I have decided to take advantage of these weeks that I am with the little one and I have no work commitments to disconnect from the social networks,” she wrote in a story with a sunset on the beach in the background, clarifying afterwards that there is no underlying reason behind this decision. “A few years ago I told myself that I would do it at least once a year and now the moment has come. Everything is fine, there is nothing to worry about ✌️✨ but I feel like focusing on me without more. I love you,” she wrote as a farewell.


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