Fanny Leeb cancer survivor on sunny holiday with beloved one.


Fanny Leeb’s Summer Vacation

Sun and relaxation with loved ones allows to powerfully recharge one’s batteries, Fanny Leeb knows it well, who went through the painful ordeal of cancer four years ago. The eldest daughter of Michel Leeb therefore takes full advantage of her holidays, as she showed on Instagram. After a mountain escape, she thus offered herself beautiful moments with her entourage by the sea, sharing warm and stylish videos.

Romantic Hike with Partner and Dog

Summer vacation program for Fanny Leeb: romantic hike with her partner Oliver Marich, pilot, and their dog Lennon: “Marvel, recharge, love, share.” Nature offers both what nourishes the body and heals, marvels the soul, heart and mind, wrote the 37-year-old artist on Instagram. Then towards the water with in the first place an escape to Lake Geneva for a “crazy day on the lake! Sun, friends and a wave on top”.

Sharing Holidays with Sister

Then we find the singer-songwriter with her feet in the sand in her Instagram stories. She specifies that she does not post much to enjoy her holidays, which she shares in particular with a dear one: her sister Elsa. The latter, married and now mother of two children, takes advantage of her big sister. Images that ends with a sunset and the word “happiness”.


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