Sandra Bullock lovingly supported partner Bryan Randall till end.


Bryan Randall’s Passing

Who Bryan Randall was, model and photographer, is not told by his resume but by those who loved him. His family released a statement to announce his passing on August 5th, and telling how difficult it will be to miss such a kind soul. He had been fighting ALS for three years and had been Sandra Bullock’s partner for eight.

Sandra Bullock’s Dedication

Even the Oscar winner’s sister, Gesine, publicly dedicated a message to her brother-in-law, who died at the age of 57, and told how Sandra had always been by his side. She did it with a post on Instagram (the actress is not present on social media). His words were: “I am convinced that Bry has found the best place to fish in paradise and that he is already preparing the bait to cast in the rivers.” Just a year ago, after the launch of The Lost City (now available on Sky and NOW) and Bullet Train (on Prime Video), actress Sandra Bullock announced her retirement from the scene saying she wanted to take care of her family. Too much stress on set, she said, focusing attention on Hollywood without ever talking about her partner’s illness who she had called “the love of my life,” when she was a guest at Red Table Talk.

Sandra Bullock’s Dignity

Her gesture recalls that of her colleague Hilary Swank, who had left her career to take care of her father, who died a few years later. Grief, after all, is faced by everyone in their own way. Some throw themselves headlong into work, as a distraction or out of necessity, and some prefer to remain silent and disappear. Sandra Bullock has always shown that she prefers the second option, always. In moments to celebrate and in those to endure, she has never said too much. This behavior has shown its value and dignity. That is why the words of the sister were received as a precious gift by the public who not only shows the artist its esteem, but also its affection.


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