Pique & Clara move to home of early love with Shakira.


Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti’s New Home

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti, the new couple, have recently moved into the house where Piqué and Shakira lived the first years of their relationship and where the couple’s first child, Milan, was born. “It was 2012, the images of the pregnancy and the hospital run were in that house,” the journalist Pepe del Real explained on TV. Despite the haters who flood every social photo of the couple with vitriolic comments, the two would be increasingly in love.

Why Did They Choose Shakira’s House?

With so many houses available, why did the new couple choose Shakira’s house? And the most plausible answer, according to many observers, is one: it is the latest revenge between exes. After all, after the turbulent breakup of more than a year ago, Piqué and Shakira have never stopped attacking each other publicly. The pop star, moreover, has expressed her pain and anger in the famous revenge song Music Sessions Vol 53 full of vitriolic phrases that have gone around the world. The former footballer, on the other hand, took advantage of an interview last April to vent against the haters and launch a dig at the former Colombian companion.

The Haters Have Not Calmed Down

Despite his outburst, the haters have not calmed down. And now the former footballer has made another move that will surely not please Shakira’s fans: he has moved with the new flame to the house that witnessed not only the love with the pop star but also the first child of the former couple.


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