Love Story: Ion & Maria’s Precious Love Tale


Love Story of Ion Aramendi and Maria Amores

Ion Aramendi and Maria Amores share a beautiful love story that lasts more than 15 years. The couple, two television professionals, have formed a beautiful family with their three children: Ion, 10 years old; Lucas, 5; and Marieta, one year old. They lost contact but life united them a few years later. “I lost track of him in the last century to find him again in a bar almost 14 years ago, just arrived from Australia. I saw him like a castaway from a previous life and I wanted to invite him to stay in mine forever when we crossed a single look,” she said last year on Instagram.

Career Paths of Ion Aramendi and Maria Amores

Shortly after finishing his studies, Ion was working for a while in Australia and, when he returned to Spain he worked for a year with his father and brother checking butane in villages in Segovia. His career as a journalist did not take off until his parents convinced him to apply for a job offer to work on television. At that moment, he was already dating Maria, who was also starting out as a scriptwriter, and finally Ion got his job on ‘Sálvame’, which would be his springboard to fame, and where he was until 2016. He then moved to ETB and, in 2020, began his stage in La 1, which lasted two years, until he returned to Telecinco, his first channel, to host ‘Supervivientes’ and, in this new season, ‘GH VIP 8’. Maria, for her part, has worked as a scriptwriter, casting coordinator, writer and now has her own podcast on Mtmad, where she does not hesitate to talk about love in all its aspects.

Family Life of Ion Aramendi and Maria Amores

In addition to being successful in their professional life, the couple is also very happy at the personal level, as they always share on their social networks, especially thanks to the three angels of the house, their children. Ten years ago their first child, Ion, was born, and five years later the little Lucas arrived. Who was not expected was Marieta, who was born in July last year. Maria shared the entire process of her pregnancy through the networks and the difficult delivery she had to go through.


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