Marion Rousse, closely resembling her lovely sister Flavie!


The Popularity of Marion Rousse and Julian Alaphilippe

If there is one couple that has been attracting attention for several years, it is Marion Rousse and Julian Alaphilippe. The 31-year-old French rider quickly became a favorite of spectators and his popularity increases every year, even if his results are not really up to par this year. On her side, the 31-year-old blonde enjoys a very good popularity, especially since she joined the teams of France Télévisions as a cycling consultant.

The Family Value is Important to Marion Rousse

The couple has the happiness of having a little boy named Nino and who is starting to be as well known as his parents, especially since his first television appearance a few days ago. The family value is very important to Marion Rousse since she is also very close to her sister, Flavie. Even if the two women are very discreet about their beautiful relationship, the former rider’s sister has already posted a very nice picture of them on her Twitter account. “Sisters sisters,” she wrote in the caption of a picture in which we can see them both. We can also see that, if Flavie is brunette, unlike the France Télévisions consultant, they both inherited very beautiful blue eyes.

The Complicity Between Marion and Flavie

On the publication, which dates from January 2018, we can see the mother of Nino giving her sister a beautiful kiss, proof of their beautiful complicity. If Flavie Rousse is rather discreet, she nevertheless indicates being a hostess in charge of customer service for a German car manufacturer. In addition, like her sister, she is “a full-time sports enthusiast,” as she specifies on her Twitter account and she is also the mother of a little boy named Livio. Flavie is also very proud of Marion, and she does not fail to remind her. Thus, at the launch of the Tour de France Women, she shared a photo of the one who became its director, writing: “The consecration, bravo my sister.” A very beautiful relationship between Marion and Flavie and one imagines that this last one does not miss a stage of the Tour de France to hear her sister!


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