Marracash Love Pain Therapy: No Compromises


The Desire to Reclaim Who You Are

At the beginning they were of victory. Then they were of fear. Now, to prevail, it is delirium. The new 64 bars signed by Marracash vibrate like a burst: technique and contents, an exercise that writes another legendary page of the Red Bull format. “It is always the opportunity to make pure rap, the most spectacular one,” he tells us after recording the unreleased song produced by thasup, available on the Red Bull Droppa channel. “The secret, for me, is always to have fun doing it and to entertain the listeners.” Let’s take a big step back, to the beginnings, about eighteen years ago. Do you feel professionally of age? “I feel a different courage in being myself, musically, all the way. It is awareness, one of the most beautiful things about growing up: to reclaim who you really are and to move away from the dynamics of the herd.”

Success and Happiness: Not the Same Thing

What, on the other hand, has not changed? “The desire not to accept compromises, which is complicated in this sector. I’m not talking about purity: for me it’s not about winning, if you don’t win your way. A lot of people confuse success with happiness: if success makes you stop doing what you like, it’s not success. I believe that not doing anything that I don’t want to do is a constant that has paid off.”

The Turning Point of Persona

Screenplays usually always have a turning point. Where does your life turn? “I have paced my albums a lot: each one marks a step of growth, a chapter. Certainly, however, Persona represents a gigantic turning point. Both for myself and for the perception from the outside, for the impact it had on the public.” Here, precisely. In another interview you said that in Persona it is as if Fabio (his baptismal name, ed.) had overcome Marracash, while in We, them, the others Marracash had taken back his space. “Yes, Persona is the album of the narration of a crisis. Imagining a hypothetical trilogy, it is as if it were an awareness, a questioning of my life at that moment. We, them, the others, already starting from the title, is a clash, an internal and external conflict. The phase I’m in now, in reality I haven’t reached yet, involves acceptance and pride. It’s a nice psychoanalytical journey.”


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