Meghan Markle Fake Podcast: Suspicious Episodes


Meghan Markle and Gossip

Meghan Markle and gossip seem to be a combination that is destined to last a long time.

Accusations of False Interviews

The latest chatter about the Duchess of Sussex concerns the Archetyphes podcast, which, as announced by Spotify in recent days, will not have a second season due to its poor success so far. However, it is not only the numbers that make the former actress tremble, but the accusation of having deceived her listeners by offering false interviews. The indiscretion (more than one in reality) comes from the Daily Mail, which in turn refers to Podnews, a website that reports all the latest news on the world of podcasts. According to some sources that remain anonymous, as usual, Meghan Markle would not have personally made the interviews of Archetypes, but people from her staff would have done most of the work. In the end, she would have limited herself to recording the questions, and her voice would have been replaced by that of the real interviewers. Podnews does not specify which interviews were actually conducted by Markle and which ones would be false, but it is certain that the issue does not concern the entire podcast but only some episodes. So far, there has been no official reply from Meghan Markle or Spotify.

Declining Popularity

This is not the first time that rumors of the fake nature of the Duchess’s podcast have been heard. Already in August 2022, the New York Times journalist Allison Yarrow, who participated in an episode, revealed that she had not spoken to Markle but to a member of her production company, Farrah Safarfi; and public thanks were given to Safarfi, shared via social media, for the “excellent interview”. As mentioned, Spotify will not produce a second season of the podcast, a farewell “mutually agreed upon”, according to the note released for the occasion; “We are proud of the series we have created together,” the official statement reads. At the root of the farewell are the numbers. Harry and Meghan would have signed a $20 million deal with the streaming giant, but in the end they would not have pocketed the whole sum due to the disappointing listening figures. The underlying problem is always the same: the Dukes of Sussex no longer make news and are losing appeal. After the exploit of the first months after Megxit, when everyone wanted them, now they are beginning to bore. Their real strength, after all, was being royal. Now that they lead a more “normal” life, they have lost that exceptionalism that made them interesting to the general public, potentially a gold mine. All that remains is to look for (and find) other ways to return to the spotlight (and monetize, of course).


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