Miguel Marcos crisis: Alone & serious amid Belén Esteban rumors.


Rumors of Crisis in the Marriage of Belén Esteban and Miguel Marcos

Always in a discreet background, Miguel Marcos has reappeared alone amid rumors of crisis in his marriage with Belén Esteban, revealed exclusively this Saturday by the program ‘Fiesta’, which assures that the marriage -which a few days ago celebrated its fourth wedding anniversary and ten years of love- would be going through one of its “worst moments”.

Miguel’s Birthday Celebrations

While his wife has assured that she does not know where the rumors of crisis come from because they are going through their best moment, the ambulance technician has turned a deaf ear to the information that questions his marital happiness and has made it clear that, as he has done so far, he will keep his personal life away from the spotlights. The information surprised the ‘princess of the people’ enjoying a few days of vacation in the Canary Islands with Anabel Pantoja in which, in addition to showing off in a swimsuit on a boat that sailed the waters of the Atlantic, she also attended the concerts of artists such as Rosalía, Maluma or Manu Carrasco. A trip he has made without his husband, who coincidentally turned 36 this Friday and who would have celebrated this special day with friends at a nightclub in Madrid, according to Pipi Estrada, being especially striking that Belén has not been alongside Miguel on his birthday.

Belén Esteban’s Clarifications

But there is nothing to fear. The ex of Jesulín de Ubrique has made it clear in conversation with Leticia Requejo that they are unfounded rumors and has made it clear that the reason for her trip was in no case “fleeing” because she had it organized since January. “She does not know where these rumors come from because Miguel and she are better than ever,” the reporter assured. Belén Esteban arrives in Madrid after enjoying a few days of rest in the Canary Islands. Some holidays that have come to an end and after which Belén landed at Madrid airport, breaking her silence and clarifying that “everything is phenomenal”. “Everything very well, very happy” she said, revealing that Miguel’s birthday “is already celebrated” -that is, they celebrated it before he went to the Canary Islands- and that he had a great time during his holidays: “Anabel is my friend, not my friend, like my family, so phenomenal. I have seen Rosalía, also Manuel Carrasco, Maluma, Sebastián Yatra… wonderful”.


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