Monaco TV presentation: Sad Charlène attends


Tension Between Monaco’s Royal Couple

A definition from the French weekly Voici seems to fit perfectly with Charlène and Albert of Monaco more and more each day: they seem to be a “couple only for the ceremony”. The Princess appeared alongside her husband Friday night at the presentation of the Principality’s new TV channel which aims to tell the current affairs and culture of the Principality, but the 45-year-old Princess seemed tense and dark-faced next to the 65-year-old Prince as the couple was interviewed. The news is not confirmed, but the former Olympic swimmer, who would have left Monaco to live in Switzerland, appeared nervous as she interlaced her hands during the interview and at one point took a deep breath, swallowed and forced an embarrassed smile according to the Daily Mail’s account. This embarrassment, in a couple that seems to really only meet by appointment, is evident in a television appearance.

The Palace’s Response

The photos coming from the Palace hide the problems better and are more controllable. The Prince was dressed in a black suit, white shirt and red tie. Princess Charlene wore a black silk top and cream wide-leg trousers. The palace also shared a photo of Albert with his arm around his wife’s waist inside a studio. A third photograph shows Prince Albert being interviewed. Nothing appears on Princess’s social media channels which were deleted last month, perhaps part of an agreement that sees the Princes together only for official occasions and with the management of the children divided between the two.

The Couple’s History

Who knows if this is the definitive solution to the story that has already had great crises: from Charlène’s tears on her wedding day to 2021 spent by the Princess almost exclusively in South Africa due to a health problem that would have prevented her from flying.


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