Noemi Salazar, Infringement Wanted by National Heritage


Violation of National Heritage

Noemí Salazar could be sought by National Heritage after committing a serious violation to record a video. Despite the difficulties she and her family encountered to access, she still jumped the fence, which constitutes a serious violation since the gardens she entered are National Heritage. So, despite knowing that what she was doing was wrong, she still told her followers her experience.

Criticism of the Influencer

On the program ‘Fiesta’, they did not hesitate to criticize the attitude of the influencer: “I am outraged. If we all did the same, we would ruin all our heritage and not content with that, she makes a video thinking she’s very funny saying: ‘Look, I have a fence and nobody will prevent me from jumping it’. Yes, daughter, the rules mark it,” complained the collaborator María Verdoy.

Noemí Salazar’s Defense

Noemí Salazar herself contacted the program and defended herself from the criticism: “When I upload the video to social networks, I am aware that a lot of people see it because I follow a million people. The security of the enclosure, although I make a joke in the video, they told me: ‘Well, we let you do it if you take a picture with us afterwards'”.


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