Philippe Risoli’s life choice “raises questions”.


Philippe Risoli Celebrates 70th Birthday

Happy birthday to Philippe Risoli! This Saturday, September 9th, 2023, the former star presenter of the Juste Prix on TF1 blows out his 70th candle. A fine age for the one who considers to have been “simply and purely ejected” from the first channel and who has also just released his memoirs at L’Archipel entitled Tell My Son I Love Him.

Revelations in His Memoirs

In the book, the television man who was scandalized by the taxes he pays gives pride of place to his family history and memories of youth, while also sometimes returning to his career in the media. And while he reveals his addiction which had been at the origin of an incident during a shoot, he also returns to one of his life choices which had sometimes caused gossip. “With a few very rare exceptions, I have never consumed alcohol myself, which continues to surprise. When I say that even today I do not know the taste of whisky, I leave my interlocutor perplexed…”, he writes. He continues: “Not only does alcohol not miss me, but the very few times I tasted it, it did not give me any particular euphoric sensation. I have never felt the need to feel very “in shape” for an evening. Quite the contrary, my few attempts in this matter have systematically led to the opposite result. Heavy eyes, pasty mouth, headaches often accompanied the few hundred liters of alcohol consumed with the sole purpose of not offending my hosts at dinner. “

A Total Sobriety that Puzzles Some

A virtually total sobriety which has enough to puzzle some. “The fact of not consuming alcohol is puzzling. It is fashionable to drink, as it was to smoke twenty years ago, when the two were not simply associated! The look of the other is often inquisitive, sometimes suspicious, and always questioning. “It must hide something, it’s not normal,” says the one who had accused TF1 of manipulating him to participate in La Ferme 2 in 2005. He admits, however: if he does not consume, he feels a “real pleasure” in maintaining and preserving good bottles in his personal cellar.


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