Pique Photo: Clara Chia’s New Social Pic Sparks Haters’ Outrage


Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti’s Relationship

Almost a year after breaking up with his long-time partner, Gerard Piqué has posted a new social media photo with his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti. The shot, a selfie in which their faces touch, has caused a stir among those who have never accepted this relationship. There have been vitriolic comments from fans of Piqué’s ex-partner, and the former footballer has vented against the haters and taken a jab at his ex-Colombian companion. But Piqué naturally goes his own way: after living with Marti, for over two and a half years, a clandestine love, now he wants to live the relationship in the light of the sun (and social media).

Shakira’s New Life

Shakira has admitted to have suffered so much from the separation, and seems to have turned the page. Having left Barcelona and moved to Miami with her two children Sasha and Milan, Shakira has started a new life. In this new life there may be a new boyfriend in sight (the gossip wants her courted by Lewis Hamilton and Tom Cruise), for sure there are the great loves of always: music and the two children, 7 and 9 years old, to whom she dedicated the new song Acróstico. Shakira sings at the piano accompanied by her children Sasha and Milan: the social video.

Attacks on Social Media

Since Shakira told the world – with the revenge song Bzrp Music Sessions – that her ex-partner was cheating on her with Clara Chia Marti, the social media people have never stopped attacking Piqué. And the former footballer can no longer take it, so much so that last April he took advantage of an interview to vent against the haters and take a jab at his ex-Colombian companion: “My ex is Latin American … You don’t know what I have suffered on social networks. Death threats, incredible, absurd things. People who are fans of my ex-partner. Those have no life, they are there with their phone in hand. And what importance can I give them? Zero. They don’t know anything about life, they are like robots. I treat them like they were automatons”. His words, judging by the comments on the new photo with Chiara, apparently have not discouraged the haters.


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