Prince Harry’s near-death car crash: Closest to losing his mother.


The Chase in New York

Denied by the taxi driver who was driving the car, but also by the city police, who have downsized their version of events considerably, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle remain steadfast in their positions and have confirmed to friends “the almost catastrophic car chase” of last May 16 in New York. It is on this “catastrophic” that the versions do not match, certainly also for emotional reasons, as the prince himself told some friends, to whom he described the experience as “The closest thing I’ve ever experienced” to understand what happened the night his mother died.

The Prince’s Emotional Connection

It was, as is known, August 31, 1997 and the princess, after leaving the Ritz hotel in Paris with Dodi Al-Fayed, crashed the car against a pillar of the Alma tunnel. A very different situation from the near-miss of the Sussexes, yet the prince seems inclined to dramatize what he has experienced, precisely because of his mother’s story. One cannot blame Harry for the trauma he suffered as a child, which inevitably marked him and continues to determine many of his life choices, such as leaving London with his family because of the pressure of the press, but nor can one think that every shot can lead to a mortal danger. Harry and Meghan, however, would still be “very upset,” a source close to the family told Us Weekly the day after the facts.

The Response from Hollywood and Photographers

An upset that has not caused much solidarity in Hollywood, nor from the photographers themselves. In the last hours, the version of the taxi driver and the New York police has been joined by the position of the Backgrid photo agency, which has purchased the photos from the freelancers who followed the couple. From the direction, they made it known that the photos taken will not be delivered to the Sussexes, as requested by the couple’s lawyer. A tart and sharp response, an inevitable dig at the dukes’ status: “Maybe you should sit down with your client and tell him that his English rules of royal prerogative to require citizens to surrender their property to the Crown were abolished by this country a long time ago, we are on the side of our Founding Fathers,” the response sent to BBC reads from the couple’s lawyer. Another thing Harry will have to get used to if he wants to continue living in the United States, where his title has no value, not even symbolic.


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