Queen Elizabeth’s wittiest quotes – witty & self-deprecating


The beloved and much lamented Queen Elizabeth II

The beloved and much lamented Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away last September 8th at the age of 96, was also the undisputed sovereign of irony and self-irony. The latest demonstration we had was in June 2022 during the solemn celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee, when the Platinum Party at the Palace opened with a surprise clip in which Queen Elizabeth took tea at Buckingham Palace with Paddington Bear, the beloved character of English children’s literature created by Michael Bond. In the video, made by the BBC, Paddington offered the sovereign a jam sandwich, she refused explaining that she already had one ready in her purse, “for later”. The skit ended with the queen and the bear beating silver teaspoons against the teacups to the rhythm of We will rock you, the song that opened the Jubilee concert.

The record-breaking sovereign

But the record-breaking sovereign, in seventy years of reign, gave us many other moments to smile. And many memorable witty phrases. On the first anniversary of her death, we want to remember her with the 10 funniest and wittiest jokes. Anniversary. On the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of marriage to Prince Philip, during a public appearance The Queen said aloud: “What day is it today?”

The Queen’s witty remarks

White House In 2007, Queen Elizabeth went on an official visit to the White House. During the welcome ceremony, President George W. Bush said by mistake: “Your Majesty helped our nation celebrate its bicentennial in 1776”. He immediately corrected himself, “in 1976”, but the Queen did not forgive him: during a formal dinner two days later, she began her speech with: “I wonder if I should start this toast by saying: ‘When I was here, in 1776 …’ “Crown. During an interview for the documentary The Coronation, Elizabeth joked with the BBC journalist Alastair Bruce about how tiring it was to wear the crown: “You can’t lower your head to read the official speech. If you did, your neck would break. “Teeth. Before posing for a portrait, Queen Elizabeth said: “With or without teeth this time?” Cell phone At a party in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, a lady was talking to the British monarch when her cell phone started ringing incessantly. The queen, not at all bothered by the scene, reacted with “he’d better answer. It might be someone important. “Primroses. During a visit to the Chelsea Flower Show in 2016, Elizabeth chatted with a gardener named Jekka McVicar. He explained to the queen that the primrose, that delicate white flower so popular in bouquets, was once used as poison. The sovereign laughed and commented: “This week I was given two bunches of primroses. Maybe they want me dead. ” Pee. During a visit to Scotland, the queen stopped to talk to an 8-year-old girl named Ailsa, who asked her if she had ever had to pee on the road. The Queen replied: “No, but I have asked my drivers the same question.”


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