Rihanna reveals name of second child


Family Tradition: The Name of Rihanna and Asap Rocky’s Second Child Revealed

Rihanna, Asap Rocky, RZA Asthelston Mayers and Riot Rose Mayers: this is the name chosen by the couple for their newest addition to the family. The singer and her partner have become parents for the second time a little over a month ago, but apart from the baby’s gender, nothing else was known. Now, the website The Blast has obtained the baby’s birth certificate, revealing his name: Riot Rose. A name that is not casual for the couple. Riot, in fact, is the title of the song that rapper Asap Rocky (real name Rakim Mayers) released together with Pharrell Williams. Not only that. With this name, the couple has respected the family tradition, choosing names that start with the letter R, just like the firstborn, RZA, born 15 months ago.

Riot Rose’s Birth Certificate

From the birth certificate, it also appears that the baby was born at 7.41 am on August 1st at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. There are still no images of the baby, however. And most likely we will have to wait until the new mother decides to officially present him on social media. A representative of the singer said that “Rihanna will spend the first days of motherhood away from the spotlight and prying eyes and that she has no plans to debut her second child”.

Waiting for the Family Portrait

After all, she did the same with her first child. Weeks had passed since the arrival of the baby when RiRi posted the first photos on social media, explaining that this was due to some pictures of her son that were about to be published without her consent. From then on, she decided to beat the paparazzi. Now, however, all eyes are on Riot: how long will we have to wait to see a family portrait of four?


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