“Respect LGBTQIA+: Let’s remember why we choose not to use hurtful words”.


A Voice Out of the Chorus

Actor-Writer-Activist, Pietro Turano, 26 years old from Rome, is indefinable with one word. But he is certainly an A+ student, like the best grade you can get in school. Not only because he is committed to the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community (he is Vice President of Arcigay Rome, National Councilor of Arcigay, supporter of Gay Help Line and of the Rome Shelter House), but because he constantly challenges himself and does not fear to be a voice out of the chorus.

Love Club (Prime Video)

He was part of the cast of SKAM Italy, as well as author and voice of the podcast and theatrical format Eclissi and collaborator of newspapers for which he writes about rights and culture. Soon we will be able to see him again in the series Love Club (Prime Video) set in the Milanese queer scene and with a representative cast, in which Turano plays David, a gay boy who frequents the protagonist of the second episode and dj of the Love Club (the series will be presented on June 16 at the Mix Festival in Milan). Pietro Turano in a scene from the new series Love Club (Prime Video), arriving on June 20.

Loneliness and the Power of Words

Recently he declared that “Loneliness is perhaps the only feeling common to all people of the LGBTQIA+ community. We have all been alone at some point in our lives“. He said it to the director of a magazine in an interview for WOLF, the lifestyle program of HYPE that provides its clients with exclusive content and benefits with selected brand partnerships (here all the contents, including the interviews already published with the actress Ludovica Coscione or Jenny De Nucci). Together they also talked about the value of words. According to Turano: “Erasing words that have had a negative weight for the LGBTQIA+ community means eliminating the pain they have caused. Instead they must remain as testimony. I am for a world that chooses not to say certain words, not a world that no longer says them, but does not remember why”.


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