Silvio Berlusconi’s Wives: Carla Elvira to Marta Fascina


Silvio Berlusconi’s Love for Women

He never made a secret of his love for women, and this, if you will, was both his delight and his cross. In his long life, one of the most exposed to the media in the last forty years, Silvio Berlusconi, who passed away at the age of 86 on June 12th, spared nothing either politically or, even more so, personally, choosing to accompany himself with official, unofficial and secret women who brought him to the center of the gossip columns (and judicial) and, in economic terms, cost him, according to what was reported a few years ago, at least 75 million euros, of which 46 to his second wife Veronica Lario and 20 to his ex-girlfriend Francesca Pascale, currently linked to singer Paola Turci. For good or for ill, Berlusconi always made an effort to ensure that the relationships ended serenely.

Marriage to Carla Elvira dall’Oglio

His first wife, Carla Elvira dall’Oglio, shy and reserved, married in 1965 after a year of engagement and mother of his children Marina and Pier Silvio, is the woman who has suffered the least media pressure compared to the others, although things began to change about fifteen years later, with the parallel story of the Cavaliere with Miriam Raffaella Bartolini, better known by the stage name Veronica Lario, an actress 20 years younger than him who, according to Berlusconi, manages to “strike him like lightning” during the performance of the Magnifico Cornuto at the Teatro Manzoni (of his own property). For her, Berlusconi ends his marriage to Elvira – it was 1985 – without any fuss but, rather, with a very civil relationship and a check, if compared to the subsequent ones, quite contained. Taking advantage of the bond with his children, Silvio and Elvira maintain an exemplary serenity for any former couple of spouses, a point in favor of a love life that can only be described as turbulent.

Marriage to Veronica Lario

Silvio Berlusconi’s second life begins, in fact, in 1990 with his marriage to Veronica, from which three children were born: Barbara, Eleonora and Luigi. These are the years of the boom: television becomes his second home, football turns into one of his most profitable investments and his appointment as prime minister in 1994 strengthens a power that has imposed itself so quickly and forcibly for years. Lario is his low-profile first lady at least until 2007, when the newspapers tell of a decidedly distracted and obsessed Silvio Berlusconi with women. According to Lele Mora, he “lost his head” for Daniela Santanché, but also for Mara Carfagna, who immediately attracted the malicious gossip of the female audience. The rumors become more insistent and Lario, in a historic letter written to Repubblica, breaks the silence for the first time explaining that she wants to protect her “dignity” by asking her husband for “public apologies”. Things, for a while, calm down, but not for long.


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