Royal Family Table: Why George, Charlotte & Louis Can’t Join


The Royal Family’s Table Rules

Just arrived at Balmoral with mom Kate Middleton and dad William to spend a few days with the rest of the royal family, but Princes George, Charlotte and Louis of Wales will not always be able to sit at the table with their parents, especially on formal lunches and dinners. An iron rule for the royal family, applied in every family reunion. Former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed the indiscretion to Harper’s Bazaar and also explained the reason. “Children are not allowed to sit with adults until they have learned the art of polite conversation“. A diktat that is not transgressed at Buckingham Palace and in the other Windsor residences, not even at Christmas.

The Queen’s Passion for Jam Penny

The period when they are usually “admitted” to the big table is around majority, when the green light is also given for official events. It is not the first time that McGrady, who served the Queen Elizabeth for 15 years, tells the culinary background of his former employers. It is thanks to him, for example, that one of the late sovereign’s greatest passions is known, the jam penny, small round sandwiches usually filled with jam and cream. When she was little, the Queen used to eat them in her nursery with the nannies, and as an adult she did not forget them, continuing to consume them regularly at tea time.

Fun Times at Balmoral

I wonder if the princes of Wales are also gourmets. Certainly in Balmoral they will not get bored and the dictates so dear to the protocol will not ruin the last days of vacation before returning to school. With them there will also be the little cousins, perfect game companions: Savannah, 12, and Isla, 11, daughters of Peter Phillips (eldest son of Princess Anna) and the three children of Zara (second daughter of the princess) and Mike Tindall, Mia, 9, Lena, 5, and Lucas, 2. A great team to which Sienna, daughter of Beatrice of York, could also be added, as well as August and Ernest, children of Beatrice’s sister. Save who can …


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