Sabrina Ferilli: Politics I’d Like to See.


The Career of Sabrina Ferilli

This interview with Sabrina Ferilli is published in the 34-35 issue of a magazine, on sale until August 29th, 2023. Sabrina Ferilli is a precise person. First, she filters that she doesn’t like to talk about politics or her private life – “a sentence can be extracted from the context and the polemic starts“, she says. I reply, as always: I will ask all the questions, she will choose if she prefers to answer or not. The result is this interview, in which nothing is silenced, because she also likes to discuss, to reason “above everything”, as she will say.

The Beginnings of Her Career

Coming from the umpteenth joke of her studio companions – “they always have the whole schedule, I’m more vulnerable, because they don’t tell me anything, this time there was an actress pretending to be a contestant and wanting to teach me the positions of the Kama Sutra”, the actress also arrives from two months spent in Ventotene, on the set of Un altro ferragosto, the sequel to Ferie d’agosto by Paolo Virzì. “A gift“, and the voice gets emotional. It is indeed a great flashback to the beginning of her long career, made up of very different experiences, with Virzì as a watershed. Before him, the debut at 23 in the cinema in Caramelle da uno sconosciuto by Franco Ferrini, and small parts in films by Monicelli, Corbucci, D’Alatri, Squitieri, Bava where there is also a red carpet at the Berlin Festival with Marco Ferreri and an unpublished Gerry Calà dramatic. Then the first lead role in La bella vita by the debutant Paolo Virzì and the notoriety, both thirty. Follow, in no particular order: the Rai fiction of enormous popular success such as Commesse, the Oscar adventure with La grande bellezza by Paolo Sorrentino, cinepanettoni, commercials, 15 years at the Sistina Theater, six silver ribbons, six gold clappers, a special David (with Sergio Mattarella who defines her: “sympathetic, captivating, irresistible”). A prize, the Sacher of Nanni Moretti, also tried to eat it: but it was made of plasterboard, they had to send it back to him.

The Emotion of Her First Set

Do you remember the emotion of your first set? “A great excitement and happiness, because it was something I was hoping to do that was coming true. A feeling of satisfaction”. Who did you tell it to? “Not to my family, mine has never been a family that has blown on this type of passions, they have always had their feet on the ground. None of us three brothers was hindered in what he wanted to do, but we did not have parents who made a frantic cheer. And it has become an attitude of mine too”.


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