Shakira emotional video with her parents, most tender


Shakira’s Family Love

A few weeks ago, Shakira moved the entire world with one of her most special songs. ‘Acrostic’, the theme she dedicated to her children and with which she made it clear that they had been “her best anesthesia for the pain” in her difficult breakup with their father, Gerard Piqué, is a whole song of mother’s love for them. But she has also used it to dedicate them a nice memory to other people who are also a fundamental pillar of her life.

Shakira’s Parents

The Colombian is a very family person and has not hesitated to share a series of images and videos in which she appears with her parents, William Mebarak and Nidia del Carmen Ripoll, to her more than 86 million followers on social media. Recently, her progenitor suffered very worrying health problems that made her have to stay in Spain longer than she had planned, since the medical team recommended that she not travel. Shakira was very attentive to her evolution at all times, to the point of helping her constantly in her therapies, and she did not separate from him for a second.

Tribute to Parents

Now, she has paid tribute to them again by dedicating to him and her mother this beautiful song with some words: “Your smile is my weakness“. Give it a play to see it! “The only thing I want is your happiness and be with you. Your smile is my weakness. Loving you serves as anesthesia to the pain. It makes me feel better. For whatever you need, I’m here. You came to complete what I am” is heard in the fragment that we have been able to see in the video. It is not the first time that Shakira boasts of her parents and the nice relationship they have, as we could see in another of her publications. “Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who taught me how to love” she wrote. For now, the singer has not shared any more information about her father’s or mother’s state of health, who also suffered a health setback recently.


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