Shakira Pique: War Over Their 2 Kids – All You Need to Know


The Distance of Forgetfulness

The saying in the bolero that distance is forgetfulness has gone down in history. Shakira and Piqué have just proven that not even an ocean of separation is enough to take them to the shore of forgetfulness and tranquility. And if anyone thought that the Colombian’s move to the USA would be the end of their war with the ex-footballer, they were wrong. Despite the 7,500 kilometers that separate Barcelona from Miami, the conflict between the two, after 12 years of relationship and two children in common, continues.

The Sweet Ballad

And in recent weeks it has intensified because of Shakira’s new video, ‘Acróstico’, a song in which the Barranquilla singer leaves behind the bitter taste of revenge to focus on the love she feels for Milan and Sasha. Images of Shakira and her children, taken from the video ‘Acróstico’. The title responds to the fact that with the first letters of several verses of the song the names of Milan and Sasha are formed. ‘Acróstico’ is a sweet ballad dedicated to the two little ones, who have lived through very difficult months after the separation of their parents, and, although the singer released an animation video first – with a little bird taking care of its chicks in a nest – days later, she promoted the song with another recording in which Milan and Sasha appear playing the piano and singing some parts with her. “It serves as an anesthetic to the pain, it makes me feel better, for whatever you need I’m here, you came to complete what I am,” they interpret with an enchanting sweetness the two, in an environment full of boxes and suitcases, which evokes the move they made in April, when they set off for Miami.

The Reactions

Acróstico The song and, above all, the video have caused very diverse reactions. Especially when it was known, as explained by journalist Lorena Vázquez on the program ‘Y ahora Sonsoles’, that no one had informed the father that the children were going to star in this recording uncovered. It should not be forgotten that, a few months ago, Shakira was very upset that her eldest son participated with Piqué in a Kings League debate without asking for her authorization. On the other hand, it is not understood that she asked the press to respect the privacy of minors and now shows them in a super viralized video. In January, Milan was one of the commentators of the Kings League with his father. “Gerard found out when the video clip saw the light. He did not know, nor was he asked permission. And it seems that not even his children had told him,” commented the panelist. All this has caused the anger of the former sportsman, who would have put the case in the hands of his legal advisors. “He’s in ‘shock’. He has spoken to his lawyers to see what can be done,” revealed journalist Marisa Martín Blázquez on ‘Ya es mediodía’.


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