Silvio Berlusconi’s Last Woman: Marta Fascina


The Bond Between Silvio Berlusconi and Marta Fascina

In addition to the five children and brother Paolo, who have never left him alone since he has been admitted several times to the San Raffaele in Milan due to leukemia, the person closest to Silvio Berlusconi – who passed away on June 12 at the age of 86 – until the end was Marta Fascina, his companion since 2020. Born in 1990, from Melito di Porto Salvo in Calabria, she grew up in Campania. She graduated in letters in Rome, had a brief journalistic career and then worked as a press officer at AC Milan. However, Fascina would have approached Berlusconi long before arriving in Milan. According to some gossip, since university times she had been writing letters full of admiration to the leader of Forza Italia, who, flattered by so much attention, would have given her the keys to his magic circle.

Marta Fascina Enters Parliament

In 2018, when the leader of Forza Italia was still linked to Francesca Pascale, the name of Marta Antonia Fascina appeared for the first time in two multi-member constituencies in Campania (very tight). The very young aspiring politician won out by making shoes for the former Minister Nunzia De Girolamo, thus entering the Chamber of Deputies. “I discovered that my safe seat was used to find love for Berlusconi, I’m happy. Love wins over everything,” said the De Girolamo sharply to L’Aria Che Tira, on La7, although it is not clear if at the time Fascina and Berlusconi were already together or not. It is also totally dark about their first meeting.

The Non-Marriage Celebrations

Certain is that their bond immediately became important, so much so that after the official break between him and Pascale it began to be rumored of marriage. Rumors denied by Berlusconi himself. “The relationship of love, esteem and respect that binds us is so deep and solid that there is no need to formalize it with a marriage,” he made known with an official note. “The indiscretions that appeared in the press, therefore, do not correspond to the truth. But precisely because it is such an important bond, we are planning for the near future to celebrate it as it deserves, involving my children and my closest friends”. A party arrived in March 2022, with a sort of “non-marriage”. All the ingredients of the wedding were there, from the clothes to the cake, but it was not a legal union. In the chapel of Villa Gernetto, in Lesmo, in Brianza, a party surrounded by close friends and relatives. There were also no lack of romantic dedications, as in every love story that respects itself. “My love for you, Marta, is great,” his words after the wedding. “It’s something I’ve never felt before, and now you are indispensable to me, irreplaceable. I love you”.


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